We offer and move Mazafati Day (Bam Time) with the best value and aggressive price. Mazafati Date Palm is among the many popular and delightful varieties of the ِِDates which can be often applied as Rutab. Mazafati Datepalm is of seed species of the household Palmacea that is its scientific name. Probably the most delightful mazafati Time is the the one which tends to grows in southern east part of Iran inside the metropolis of Bam. The spot that is Bam has around 28000 Hectares of the lands under the pick of mazafati Date where 5000 Hectares concerns trees that are young. (15-35%) moisture content depends mainly around the position where the Time increases as well as the harvesting time.

In case you are trying to find Mazafati Time calories, subsequently, in per 100 g of Mazafati Date contains around 1.81 grams of 113 sugar , 0.15 g fat 6.7grams soluble fiber and protein and also it's about 300 energy. The vitamins Rotab Mozafati Bam present in Mazafati ِِDates make it an ideal boost to tense system health and efficiency. Mazafati Day berry seeds happen to be proven to possess antioxidant activities that were high for their high content of flavonoids.

This time may be regarded as one of many most welcome and tasty schedules worldwide particularly because it is swallowed in its mid stage of growth (ROTAB). Mazafati Date designated Date Bam is among the different types of Iranian Time berry. Mazafati Date's most desired and tasty kind is developed in southern area of Bam that has meaty and delicious flesh. Mazafati datejust like different forms of Time fruit is stuffed of health advantages.

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