We present and export Mazafati Time (Bam Time) using the best value and competitive value. Mazafati Datepalm is among the most renowned and delicious kinds of the ِِDates that will be frequently applied as Rutab. Mazafati Datepalm is of vegetable variety of the household Palmacea that's its medical name Phoenix dactylifera. The mazafati Date that is most delicious is the the one which tends to expands while in the city of Bam. The place that is Bam has around 28000 Hectares of the lands beneath the harvest of mazafati Time that 5000 Hectares pertains to fresh trees. Mazafati Time moisture content (15-35%) depends generally on the harvesting period as well as the place where the Date develops.

Mozafati ِِDates are a range type of clean (delicate) ِِDates that's also well-known as Bam Dates”This Day rising in Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province and Bam, Jiroft and Kahnuj towns of Kerman province. Mazafati Day has best-tasting varieties of ِِDates, since this Time taste is extremely nice and has an original delightful style. Mazafati Date harvesting period depends for the assortment and Rotab Mozafati Bam starts in May, lasting towards October's end. Mazafati Time as it is rich-in nutrients for example vitamins, nutrients managing some selected conditions,.

Moreover, Mazafati Date is stuffed of fiber that will be good for those who are suffered from constipation and surplus acid inside the belly and actually the Day can be used as herbal food!The offered investigation shows that lowering humidity of Mazafati Date by manufactured (commercial) drying can be done and eliminate the requirement for cold storage building.

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